My favourite resources for learning Go programming

A collection of my favourite resources for learning Go programming.

William Gough

3 minute read

One of the most common questions I see on Twitter lately is people asking for good resources for building Go programs and beginning to learn Golang. I thought I’d collate my favourite sites, courses, books, and articles into a handy list for those looking to further their knowledge. Most of the content is free and does not require any upfront investment, though I will be linking to some excellent books that are well recognised in the community and also to one Udemy course.

Simple CLI To-Do application with Twirp RPC

Learn how to build a simple CLI To-Do application using TwitchTv's Twirp RPC framework.

William Gough

11 minute read

You’ve seen it on Twitter, you’ve read about it on Medium, it’s in all your newsletters… so what is RPC? In this post I’ll introduce you to the technology using TwitchTv’s fantastic RPC library (Twirp) and quench your curisosity. We’ll be building a classic tutorial application… the To-Do list, but this time, making use of a CLI for interaction. Do you even know how to use a framework if you don’t build a To-Do list with it?! Jokes aside, a…