My favourite resources for learning Go
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One of the most common questions I see on Twitter lately is people asking for good resources for building Go programs and beginning to learn Golang. I thought I'd collate my favourite sites, courses, books, and articles into a handy list for those looking to further their knowledge. Most of the content is free and does not require any upfront investment, though I will be linking to some excellent books that are well recognised in the community and also to one Udemy course.

Getting Started

So you've decided you want to learn Go, you want a place to start that covers all the basics? The following links should bring you up to speed and give you a basic understanding:

Beginner Books (PAID)

Beginner Course (PAID)

There is an excellent Udemy course by Stephen Grider for learning Go, I used it when I was getting started about a year ago and I thought it was great. If you don't mind spending £10 ($10) in one of their usual sales, you can pick it up here:

Applying knowledge to real world applications

The next step for me when I'm trying to pick up any language is to try and build out actual applications that solve real world problems, the classic Hello World only gets you so far. With that in mind, I found the following resources to be of great use, covering a large variety of topics and standard library packages.

Books (PAID)

Alternate resources:

I highly recommend that in addition to the above resouces, you make sure to look at the following:

Voila! You're on your way to being a productive and confident Go developer. Thanks again for reading and please consider sharing or reaching out to me on twitter @whg_codes.

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